Now that spring has sprung I finally got the chance to put in my garden. I am fortunate enough to have a neighbour with a beautiful greenhouse that she barely uses so my family was allowed to use it to start our plants.


This year my older brother decided to start embracing gardening and planted an insane about of tomatoes and peppers. He started them in his house in town but eventually moved them into my neighbours greenhouse. My mom and I planted some tomatoes of our own, along with corn,  plenty of herbs and any other seeds we found in her stash. Even by boyfriend got into the planting mood and we started a dozen pumpkin plants in hopes of being able to carve some spooky jack o’ lanterns this Halloween.


Last night my brother and his girlfriend, mom and dad, and little sister all came out to help transplant all of my treasures from the greenhouse. We managed to get six rows of corn, two rows of tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers, cabbage, eggplant, dianthus, marigolds, celery, onions, and garlic. I already had lettuce, spinach, escarole, potatoes, beets, onions and garlics planted but I’ve come to realize that I prefer planting seeds in pots in the greenhouse rather than putting them right in the ground because weeding around tiny lettuce and spinach plants is impossible. I might even buy some more lettuce and spinach seeds and start them in the greenhouse so that I can transplant them in once the first batch of already planted greens are used.


My dad is an advocate for rototilling but my brother claims no-till is the way to go. I’ve tried a completely new method this year. I rototilled this spring – because my garden is relatively new and was once part of a hay field so it grows lots of grass – and before I planted I dragged the chicken coop to the weedy regrowth so the chickens could do the hard work. Not only are they more effective at removing all those pesky weeds but they are also much better at disposing of them. I can move the coop every few hours because my little friends are so quick.


I cannot wait to see everything grow and to start using all the fresh produce! I might even sell some of my veggies to my teachers and friends from Church. It is so much easier to stick with the garden upkeep as more and more people from my family and community start to embrace the beauty in growing their own food!

Good luck to all of you with your gardens this summer. If any of you have weeding or planting tips please share!!

Happy growing,

The Jolly Rancher