Okay, so this year was kind of a flop. Unfortunately, with spending so much time at camp and work, my garden suffered. To be honest by the beginning of August I completely abandoned my garden. By September it looked like a jungle! Luckily some of the plants, no matter how overgrown by weeds, were still harvestable. My onions, in particular, turned out great! Even my peas, after being replanted multiple times, pulled through and provided enough peas to have some tasty snacks and a stir-fry. With all the rain, that I was previously praising, my toiled over carrots were destroyed. Despite having my garden located on the top of a hill, it rained so much and the soil was so saturated that my carrots turned to mush! Even my parents, who have much experience in the area of horticulture, were surprised to discover this.

Alas, my year may have been a bust but I have learned some important lessons. This summer I read: The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small‑Scale by Jean-Martin Fortier and discovered what I want to do in the future. I hope to take Horticulture at a nearby college – the same that my parents went to – and eventually set up a vegetable farm. My dream is: to have a farm with a road-side veggie stand, to sell produce to local restaurants, and to take Wednesday trips to the Farmers Market. 

If any of you have taken any courses at college on horticulture or greenhouse operating please comment. I would also love to hear about any farms you live at or have visited and any stories you have related to anything in my post.

The Jolly Rancher