School is finally out and I wrote my last exam yesterday so I’m officially free! Now that I have all this free time I’ve replanted my peas because I only had three plants grow and I accidentally killed one when I was weeding. Oops. I’ve also weeded my beets and spinach and part of my row of potatoes. Hopefully I will finish weeding this weekend and plant my herb garden.

As I was weeding I came across a lot of cut worms! I’ve seen what they can do and know how destructive they are. After doing some research I learned that one way to combat these little devils is to put ‘collars’ around the plants that they like including peas, beans and even tomatoes. To make the collars I cut toilet paper rolls in half and buried them about an inch deep around my peas plants leaving an inch above the soil. It looked something like this:

Hopefully it helps! Do you have any methods to combat cut worms? Please share in the comments! 

I also want to give you a reminder to wear sunscreen or a long sleeve shirt or both to protect yourself from sunburn! Unfortunately, I forgot and now I’m paying for it with an angry sunburn on my shoulders. 

Happy growing!