I am a seventeen-year-old girl from Alberta, Canada and I’ve lived on a farm all my life. Some of my first memories involve the large garden that my mom plants every year. With five kids and passion for growing things, it only made sense that she had an enormous garden. Luckily, she passed on her passion to me, just maybe not her green thumb. For the past few years, I have sectioned off parts of my mom’s plot and planted my own little  garden but it usually ends up overgrown with sunflowers – one of the biggest weeds in our garden- or I accidently pull out all my little plants in an attempt to get rid of the weeds. This year I got my very own garden! The whole thing is mine and it isn’t riddled with cherry trees that desperately need to be pruned or strawberries that my mom refuses to relocate even though they are in the most inconvenient place. In April, since spring came early to Alberta, I was able to plant potatoes, lettuce, carrots, spinach, peas, beets, and onions. Unfortunately, there were no April showers to bring May flowers and so the only things that grew where my onions and potatoes. The middle of May brought the most amazing rain that ended, what my dad called, the three-year drought! And so, since by garden no longer looked like the desert I replanted my carrots, lettuce, and spinach. I am proud to announce that I have thriving rows of beets, onions, and potatoes along with four pea plants (with the cutworms and the drought this is a victory), three lettuce plants, a few spinach poking through the ground and some carrots that are starting to break the surface. For a seventeen-year-old who couldn’t even keep an ivy alive in her room, I’m pretty thrilled by my success in the garden thus far.

This blog is meant to make me continue my efforts in the garden and record what I do in the garden so I can know what and what not to do in the future.


The Jolly Rancher